White Horse Leisure & Tennis Centre

Heights Trampoline

Gymnastics and Dance Club

September 2021 – December 2021

No sessions half term week Oct 25 to 29 inclusive

Heights Club will be trialling weekday mini & junior development sessions in both Trampoline & Gymnastics working towards awards, displays and competition groups. We will also cater for those wishing to train in both disciplines on Saturdays regardless of age, do let Debbie know so we can suggest the best sessions for your 9.00 gym, 10.00 tramp. Saturday sessions are run separately with sessions for all including teens+. We do have age groups within each session so we can cater for this. E.g. 4-6 years 7 -9years, 10 years+ teens.

Trampoline Squad groups are invitational and work towards competitions by learning routines and the skills required. These range from beginner, regional & national level. Beginner levels are called club development and have set routines for this level. The weekday later trampoline squad requirement is generally cody & ballouts working towards National level. I will advise if anyone is ready for these sessions. Be aware some of the trampoline squads are now 2 hours so do check carefully.

Some recreational trampoline sessions will be run by Better sessions Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm Teens Trampoline Adults Trampoline 7.30-9pm. Saturday pm trampoline sessions TBC The club is working in partnership with Better enabling our club coaches to run them ensuring the same good quality. Trampoline Gymnasts will be able to obtain awards and badges from us alongside entering club events if they so desire. They can progress from these sessions into our club development, regional and National squads if they show an aptitude for more training and a desire to competing showing good flexibility and parental support.

All members need to turn up 10-15 minutes before to do a floor warm up All Saturday tramp & gym members will warm up and stretch together


  • All competitors & gymnasts need to wear a leotard for trampoline, gymnastics and/or dance wear for dance club eventually

  • New members can wear fitted tops and shorts or fitted sports bottoms, socks for trampoline and hair tied back to start with.

  • No jeans or jewellery, hair tied up and socks or trampoline shoes (Milano) I will send club uniform info out asap

All Trampoline Members will need to take turns spotting by the trampoline, & stretch, sensibly by the trampolines on the floor mats. The coaches will give you exercises to do and range and conditioning laminates should be available on the floor mats. Gymnasts need to keep busy with the exercises/laminates they have been given in between using the equipment Fees are still currently monthly even if you cannot attend to keep your place. We need to know who is attending to cover costs so please give a month’s notice if not returning. Please complete the enrolment form and bring to your first session unless you have supplied this year. All fee and session information are[ds1] listed on pages 2 & 3 with bank details on 3. BG Insurance is required and paid yearly to British Gymnastics. The link here will give you more information. You would choose Recreational Gymnast and it is £19 per year unless competitive

Heights Trampoline, Gymnastics and Dance Club sessions

Tuesday- Street Dance Beginners - 16.00-17.00 - 6 years+

Tuesday -Acro Dance and Gym - 17.00-18.00 - 6 years+

Wednesday -Gymnastics & Trampoline 4-6yrs, 8yrs + 15.30-16.30

Wednesday -Trampoline Juniors 6yrs & 8yrs upwards 16.30-17.30

Thursday- Gymnastics & Trampoline 4-6yrs, 8yrs + 15.30-16.30

Thursday- Gymnastics Juniors 6yrs & 8yrs upwards 16.30-17.30

Friday -Trampoline only 4-6yrs- 15.30-16.30

Saturday - Trampoline 4-6yrs, 8yrs + 9.00-10.00 & 10.00-11.00

Saturday -Trampoline 9 years+ Teens + 11.00-12.00

Saturday - Trampoline Club Development 12.00-1.30 Invite only

Saturday - Gymnastics- 4-6yrs, 8yrs + 9.00-10.00 & 10.00-11.00

Saturday - Gymnastics club development - 11.00-12.30 invite only

Trampoline Squads Wed-Fri from 16.30-20.00 invite-only

Trials are available before committing email